Katharina Trachsler
In November 2007, Katharina Trachsler founded with much enthusiasm the Swiss based Production Company:


We now are looking back to successful years of interesting and challenging productions with Domestic and International photographers in conjunction with highly recognized Advertising Agencies and Clients.

Before founding KT Produktion GmbH in Switzerland, Katharina Trachsler lived in New York City from 1992 through 2007. She worked as a producer for a leading New York City based Production Company. This is where she learned to understand and anticipate the individual needs of clients and artists alike, making it become one of her strengths, while working in an organized fashion within tight timeframes; producing what would seem to some impossible, the possible.
It is with Katharina’s experience that KT Produktion offers her team leadership to brazen through the unexpected challenges associated with production on location, in capacities from full on production services or production support to any aspect of your production needs. We would like to introduce our services to you and your team and are looking forward to the opportunity of working with you on upcoming projects here in Switzerland, or wherever on the globe you require the level of production your shoot deserves.
Katharina Trachsler